You currently have a balance due of $0.02

Please do not send the user these.
They are due to internal rounding errors.
They happen about once a year.
Please fix the errors.

Account: Dan Jacobson’s account (3-----)

balance: $0.02 (charges through today)
    due: $0.02     (charges through your last rebill)

Hello Dan,

We have deferred billing for the time being on your account with DreamHost. You currently have a balance due of $0.02, but we don’t rebill for amounts smaller than $5.50!

Keep in mind that your next bill will include this amount due ($0.02) in addition to any new charges you’ve incurred.

You can find a complete accounting of all charges and payments to your DreamHost account on your invoice at:

Any questions you may have may be submitted through our web panel at

As always, thank you for choosing DreamHost!

Happy DreamHost Billing Robot

My foggy recollection of once a year was correct!


I am sorry for the problems! I’ve gone ahead and zeroed out the 2 cent

The reason for the charge is because in November, when California ends
Daylight Savings Time, the system registers that there is technically one
extra hour in the billing cycle – one hour of your VPS costs 2 cents. So
it’s technically not an error, just an anomaly due to Daylight Savings

Hopefully California will get rid of Daylight Savings Time so this extra
hour will not occur in the future. If it does happen again next year, you
can disregard the requests for payment – or, rather, the notices that
payment has been deferred.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you!