You can't add that domain: you don't have permission to add



I’m having a problem trying to add a domain, it shows me this message:

You can’t add that domain: you don’t have permission to add

what happen is that a friend of mine used to host this domain for me in his dreamhost account because I didn’t have a hosting, now I got a dreamhost account too and I’m trying to host it but doesn’t allow me, and my friend already delete this domain from his account 4 days ago.

any suggestion?



You will have to open a ticket with support. They will have to release the domain from the prior account.


The same this problem, lets test my domain
Please help me with your experience.
Thanks all.


You need to open a support ticket via the panel: support will verify the domain is not currently in use on another account then they will release the name so that you can add it to your account.

We’re all just customers like yourself so none of us can actually help other than to tell you for this one you need to open a ticket with support.