You can't add that domain: already in our system

I have an account where I have my hosting and domains. Now I have a friend that wants me to host his website. He bought the domain and he’s going to be paying for it all the way, while I provide him with the hosting. The problem is, he bought it in DH, and now I can’t add it in my panel to host it because I get the error: “You can’t add that domain: already in our system”.

He changed the hosting to DNS only, but I get the same error (I don’t know if I need to wait for that change to take place, I tried 5-10 minutes after he changed it). This seems to be a weird error, I have hosted domains outside DH just by adding the dreamhost DNS to the domain on the different company and added the domain on my own DH panel.

I opened a ticket ad the person supporting me didn’t seem to understand my issue and suggested all the time that I moved the domain to my account, which is not what I need, since it’s not my domain and I’m not the one who will be paying for it, I’m only hosting the domain. Also, moving the domain to my account would have me pay for a whole new year for the domain (which was registered like 2 days ago), and that’s not what I want to do.

Support is correct, but you do have a second choice. The domain name can only exist once in dreamhost’s namespace.

As support already pointed out you could move the domain to your account. But it’s a friends domain and it’s smart to want to them to be on the hook for renewing it. I personally have been in that spot with my son several years and I always end up eating the renewal fee.

The other option (and if it’s a newly registered domain you will have to wait til the no transfer period is up) is to have your friend transfer the domain registration anywhere… namecheap,godaddy, etc. That should also add a year to the expiration, so technically he’s not out the transfer fee. Once another company is the registar, point the nameservers to,, And add it as a hosted domain on your account. He will need to delete it from his account completely first, if you still get the error after he has (and you very well might) he needs to have support remove the name from his account, so that you can add it to yours.

Either way, the domain name can only exist on one dreamhost account.

Wow, this seems to be like a loop hole. It does makes sense if DH can probably find a way to transfer the domain to a different account? I mean, technically it I think this is possible but the system already set up is just not allowing it.