Yikes! database help please!


I just transferred my domain (bengoodspeed.com) to another host (ipage) from dreamhost.

I was using wordpress, and I backed up everything on the server using an FTP client.
I thought this was all I would need. :frowning:

but it turns out I need the database, mysql, or whatever it is. This is something I’m just learning about…

I transferred just a few days ago, but now when I go log back into my dreamhost panel, I can’t find it, it appears to now be gone, and I have no domains listed or anything.

Is there ANY WAY I can restore it on dreamhost, so I can save it and import it to the new server?



If you can still ftp into your WP site and the files are still present, there’s a very good chance your database is still in tact.

To find your database, FTP into your WP files or open your backup copy. Within the files, use Notepad to open a file called wp-config.php

Once opened, look for some code that looks something like this (usually about 20 lines down from the top)

define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘mydatabasename’);

/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘myusername’);

/** MySQL database password */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘mypassword’);

/** MySQL hostname */
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘mysql.mysite.com’);

What you need is the MySQL hostame - something like mysql.mysite.com

Copy it into a browser and press enter. When asked for a username and password use the ones your code (like above) and voila you’re now into your database.

Now all you need to do is press the Export button to proceed to the area to download your database.

When you first open wp-config.php it may look very confusing if you’ve not worked with code before. The best thing to do is just calm down and study the code for 5 minutes or so and everything will fall into place.

Hope that helps.


Unfortunately for that, I transferred the domain, so it’s the same domain name on the new server, transferred over, so any mysql.myaddress.com is simply going to go to the new server. I think? At any rate it simply lands me back at the homepage of my website, for some reason.

Is there no way to create an artificial database or something that can extract what pages and posts and comments (actually I can do without old comments) I had and make a new database?


There’s really no simple way around it, you need to get your original database back. A “database” is a text file that ends with .sql
A database text file can’t be created by a human being. They can only be created and edited by a “database editor”. If you go to http://www.mysql.com/ it’ll give you an idea on how complex a database and the “database engine” which controls the database text file is.

How about you go to the registrar of your domain name and simply change the nameservers back to Dreamhost, then download your database. Once you’ve download it, just change your nameserver back to your new host. Once you have your database in your pocket we can move on.

The Dreamhost nameservers are:


you don’t have to change your nameservers back. just go to your control panel and manage domains. add a dreamhosters sub-domain (i.e. mysite.dreamhosters.com) and make it a mirror of yourdomain.com and just access the files via the dreamhosters domain name. you will be able to access the mysql database this way as well.


Heh, I actually, before I read this, ended up sending the pointers or wahtever or changing the nameservers back to dreamhost, after I got an response email from dreamhost saying my domain was on another account then the one I emailed from (I’m scratching my head)

To my surprise everything was still there so I appended mysql. to my address and it looks like I got a successful export… Now I imported and will have to wait til after work for the nameservers to switch back over, to see if it all works. But I’m confident that now I have access to the DB I can figure this all out.

As your advice turned out to be spot on anyways, I have to say, thanks so much for the help!