Yett another ssh thread


hey guys sorry to post on this, but i cannot get a solution! i want to manually upload php to my server to get around the 7mb max file upload! so i was pointed in the direction of ssh.

i have run putty and input my host, then username then password resulting in putty closing down.

what do i do? i have no idea how to use ssh & putty… for the love of god! help me lol.


Have you enabled shell access for the user you are using to log-in?

This can be done in the Web Admin Panel at Users -> Manage Users, clicking Edit on the appropriate user then ticking Enable ssh/telnet?.

Note, it can take a little time after making the change before SSH access is actually available for that user.


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yes. i have gathered that about 5mins ago from trawling through masses of threads!! thanks for quick reply…

is there a tutorial on using ssh&putty for complete dummys? lol

i have looked at the wikipedia guide and it skimps on all the details


k i have made some progress.

when u log into my server via ftp i now see:

looks good, but i cant seem to find the php.ini file???


You won’t find a php.ini file that you can edit enless you’ve installed it your self. And seeing as you just figured out how to log into SSH I’m almost positive you heavn’t installed your own php yet.

There’s easy to follow instructions in the wiki to help you install php4 or 5 your self - then you’ll be able to edit your own php.ini file.



i have follwed the guide on wiki for installing php4.


can anyone help me??? i reinstalled &
i can find the php.ini file via root>php>etc>php4>php.ini

i have altered the php.ini max file size but limit is still 7 mb…



I’m wondering if your php script is still using /usr/bin/php.

Did you follow all the PHP and handler instructions from the wiki?,PHP&Databases/_PHP#Compiling_your_own_custom_PHP

Can you create a test.php from the code below, run it from your browser and then post your results? (or just send us the link to your test.php)

<?php phpinfo(); ?>