Yet Another Throttling Question

I have a few subdomains set up that once they’re made known, I expect them to get hammered for high-byte-count file downloads (CD images).

I have them all set for throttling at 100GB (out of my plan’s 192GB limit).

From what I have seen about throttling (I know about the potential detection lags due to the once-daily check), the throttle only activates when the traffic through that subdomain passes the throttle trigger.

I have as many as three subdomains that I’d like to throttle when their aggregate traffic reaches the trigger of 100GB.

As I understand it, each of the three subdomains have individual triggers, so in my scenario of three 100GB triggers, then the traffic aggregate could hit 300GB for the account if all three spike to their limit.

Obviously, I’lll need to adjust the triggers if I make all three public, but I was just curious to see if there was some way to make the trigger global, across all of the throttled subdomains, so that when the sum of the traffic between all three reaches their trigger level, only then have all three switch to the throttled sites - and only have the throttled sites fail over.

With an aggregate, I wouldn’t be forced to limit the three sites to as little as a third of the total traffic allotment and if two remain at low traffic levels, the third can soak up the total traffic allotment.

Does that make sense? :slight_smile:

Is it possible?



I’d like to know too. Surely given that over-usage is works on a per account basis, throttling should (as an option) too.

I heavn’t worked much with throttling, so I may well be wrong - but…

As each subdomain is kept seperate I don’t believe it to be possible to throttle all domains as described in the first post.

However, you could set up each subdomain to forward to a directory underneath one doamin. Ie. will forward to and so on. Now you set up throttling for a little under than what is provided with your plan.

As I reacall, you can set up your forward to display as if you’re still on the subdomain - so your users wouldn’t even know the difference. For specifics on how to do this, search the forum, or K-base.


s/per account/per plan/ of course.

Neat tip - thanks.