Yet another index.html problem

so i signed up for dreamhost, and i was all ready to upload my files! i make my website in notepad on my computer, using good old html, so it was no problemo to upload those files plus a few pictures and whatnot.

so i logged into using WS-FTP Pro. and i saw the subdirectory with (p.s. thats my domain name), just as it said in the emails i recieved. i went into the folder and uploaded all my html files, including one named “index.html” that was serving as the entrance page. (by the way, i know its not an html problem, i used the same code when i was on geocities.)

then i tried logging into for FTP access (the emails i recieved said i would be able to do so) but it said:

“Address lookup of “” failed. It may be misspelled, or your computer may not be connected to the network or Internet.
Also check that your DNS and local name servers are properly configured and responding.”

so i figured, “oh, it must be a delay in the setup.” so here i am, 5 or 6 hours later, and i sitll cannot log into for ftp, and also, when i go to or, there is no index file…it says the page cannot be found.

sorry if you’ve heard this a million times. ut i read through old forum stuff anf i cant find an answer.


The domain was just registered today. It will take a day or two for the new DNS information to update with the GTLD root servers, so your site won’t be available until then.

If you want to check how your site looks up, add a dummy ‘’ domain, and set it to mirror your site.