Yet another domain question

I apologize in advance if this has been answered in the past, but I did search the forums for an answer, but didn’t quite find my same situation.
I have a code monster account with DH and on it several domains - some I own and some I do not.
I am hosting one domain that is actually for a non-profit association I belong to that I registered through Dreamhost.
How do I “transfer” that domain from my code monster account to a “domain registration only account” with DH without having to buy separate hosting package for it? I would feel more comfortable if the association’s domain name registration piece is not contained within my account and totally separate from the hosting part. They would handle the renewal of their domain name and I handle their hosting needs.

Is this possible or am I running afoul of the TOS regarding multiple accounts?
I’m not trying to pull anything over on DH - I really love hosting sites here. I just didn’t think it would be an issue to register the domain and then split it off into a separate domain-only account later.
Any suggestions you can give me are appreciated!


Don’t worry too much about running afoul of their multiple account policy (at least from the legal standpoint). I found out that the policy is really intended to prevent people from rolling their domains from one promotional account to another.

That said, other than having the non-profit opening their own “registration-only” account and transferring the domain there (with the requisite one year extension), I suspect that the easiest way of doing this is contacting support.

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ou should write DreamHost support about this, as they may allow you to transfer that domain (hosting and registration!) to a “free” account for non-profits.

I say “may” because, generally speaking (and without intervention by a DreamHost “human”) the DreamHost system will not let you transfer a domain that has ever been hosted on a DreaHost account to another “plan” that takes advantage of a promo code or pays a referral.

They do, however, strongly supports organizations that can prove they are a non-profit ( 501©(3) status required), and they may well help you with this.

If they are willing to set this up for your organization, it’s a big win all around for the non-profit, as the program also provides a “free” domain name registration for the life of the account.


It almost makes me want to register as a non-profit. I don’t make any money anyway… (grin)

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