Yahoo Widget for Dreamhost Status

I just finished the first version of a yahoo widget for the dreamhost server status feeds and submitted it to the yahoo widget gallery. Once it gets approved they will add it to the gallery. Hope you guys like it and find it usefull.

It included a bunch of the feeds that you can select between as well as the dreamhost blog. You can also search the dreamhost wiki directly from the widget.

If anyone wants to give it a go before it is officially in the widget gallery (I assume it will just take a day or so) just shoot me a pm. It is just the first release and built on the foundation of a few other great widgets I liked. I’m sure there is room for improvement as it is my first widget too.

Here are a couple screenshots

on a side note, I had one of my websites dugg last week (it is a joomla site) and it did not have any problems. Thanks guys!!!


ok - this is now available from yahoo