Yahoo Probs in Jabber


I’ve never been able to connect to Yahoo Instant Messenger through the included Jabber server. MSN and AOL work perfectly however.

I THINK based on what I’ve read in the forum is that this is an ongoing problem and most likely will never be fixed because of Yahoo’s way of doing things. I didn’t read anything definitive on it however so I figured I’d ask and make sure that it definitely isn’t working and it’s not something that I’m doing wrong. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

I have to reinstall a jabber client since a fresh os install on my 'puter, but yep, the problem used to be caused by Yahoo! changing their code/process(something like that on their end) frequently. You might be able to download a user-created patch for whichever client you use.


It’s not an issue with the client app, it has to be resolved on the Jabber server itself. The Jabber server is the one that connects to Yahoo! and passes the client information to Yahoo! DH would have to update the Jabber server Yahoo! transport to make it work… I can only assume it’s low on the priority list for them.

Last I read, Yahoo! keeps changing the way they authenticate users, or something. I think it’s been a while though since that has happened last though. Until then, you’ll have to use a separate client for Yahoo!