Yahoo Domain Transfer

I’ve followed the process provided by Dreamhost and Yahoo! (from yahoo! to Dreamhost) to transfer an account, and was wondering how long it would take? It has been nearly a week with no notification.

That’s too long. Did you ever get an “approval required” message from Yahoo? Log into Yahoo and see if your domain says “pending transfer” or something like that.

And to double check, the domain is unlocked and you’re not using proxy (i.e. privacy guard) contact info in it?


All my contact info is public and legitimate as far as under the WHOIS, and I followed Yahoo!'s instructions including unlocking the domain, used the authorization code they provided, and changed the name servers provided by DreamHost. I’m sending them an e-mail asking about this right now. They haven’t seemed to acknowledge my transfer.

I just transferred a good many domains into DH, and the first batch to come over did indeed take exactly 7 days, though I have had others in the past that did not. I would say give it about 8 days before REALLY worrying.

The only notification I have ever gotten is the one that DH sends to the domain owner email address (in my case it was the 1&1 proxy address) to approve the transfer. After that I hear nothing until DH lets me know that it is complete. Also, I think it fails (and lets you know that it failed) pretty quickly if it’s not locked or some other thing. For instance, I initiated a transfer about 6 hours BEFORE the 60 days was up (it had only been reg’d at 1&1 a month or so before I stared bringing them all over to here), and it failed within a few minutes of initialization, then redid it about 8 hours later and all was good!

Course, there could definitely be something wrong… who knows, but still… give it the full 7 or 8 days and THEN worry all you want! Good luck with it all.

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I’ve done a handful of transfers, but from GoDaddy. Ok, it’s DreamHost that sends out that approval message, but I still had to hop over to GoDaddy to release my domain.

Still, not getting any contact after a week is worrisome to me. The good news is that the worst that would happen is that you have to initiate the transfer again, which I’ve done plenty of times. Just don’t wait until the day before your domain expires to try such a thing.


Yes good point. Hop on over to a place like and do a whois lookup on your domain to see where it’s at as far as the public is concerned.

Also take note of the expiry date. If it’s expiring soon, send another request to Support.

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