Yahoo Domain name

Ok, I’ve registered a domain name with Yahoo. What exactly do I need to do to have it hosted on Dreamhost?

I know DH allows unlimited domains, so I’m not sure about DNS Settings.

The site is and I’ve added it under the ‘manage domains’ section in the control panel. At Y!'s end, I’ve added the nameservers, however when visiting the site the info tries to load stuff from geocities.

Do I need to include A Record & CNAME record information? If so where would I find it?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’ve pointed Yahoo’s nameservers to Dreamhost. Good.

You added the domain to your plan at Dreamhost. Good.

I looked at your domain and I saw an empty directory. All you need to do now is put your site files in the folder called ‘’.

Some people may have trouble accessing your site over the next couple days as the DNS change propagates.

Good luck!

Sweet. I tried putting files there and it didn’t work. Seems to be trying to find stuff from geocities?

Don’t mess with the A Record or CNAME record info. Just add the 3 Dreamhost DNS servers to the DNS settings in the Yahoo control panel. Also, don’t forward your domain. It will take at least 48 hours after you make the DNS changes in the Yahoo Control panel for the changes to “propagate” over the internet. I recently registered a domain through Yahoo and hosted it at Dreamhost, and it did take 48 hours.

After 48 hours if you’re still having problems, send a quick message to Yahoo! support to have them check it out. They respond rather quickly.