YaBBSE: Pro/Con?

Howdy; I was another of the folks using the now-realized-to-be-evil YaBB on my site (interestingly enough, in a search I ran across several other webhosts who have far harsher anti-YaBB policies than Dreamhost–some involving disabling entire sites without warning). Like others, I went scrambling to find a replacement, and in the process came across YaBBSE.

YaBBSE (www.yabb.info–first .info domain I’ve ever used!) is a completely PHP/MySQL version of YaBB, has a more polished feature set than even Gold SP1, a familiar interface, and according to several posts I’ve read elsewhere is easier on servers than the Perl version. Since it was a very easy upgrade from YaBB (there’s a converter that seemed to work almost perfectly), I decided to give it a go and see how it went.

So far, all seems to be well, and it certainly seems more responsive than the CGI version, but now I’m curious if it’s really more efficient, and I don’t have any frame of reference for comparison.

The only thing I do know is that the forum looks like it’ll be averaging on the order of 8-10 million of those Conueries per month, with something like 300+ daily users, about 15 simultaneous users peak, and an average of 5000-10,000 clicks per day. This is within the limits of my Code Warrior plan, and the ratio of connections to queries is consistantly around 2.5 (which seems to be ok, or at least not horrific), but since Dreamhost said that those limits were generous, it seems like a lot. So, I’m not sure if my forum is just popular/active, or YaBBSE is still far less efficient than, say, phpBB or Ikonboard, and I’m not all that hot about trying to upgrade to find out.

So, I guess I’m asking two seperate questions: One, does anybody have specific experience with how YaBBSE is in terms of server load in comparison to other PHP forum software, and Two, what kind of Conuery traffic do other folks see on forums?

I’m guessing that enough people might be interested in moving away from YaBB (the Perl version) to make some information along these lines useful.

Hi Mako,
I too got the “now-realized-to-be-evil” YaBB mail from dreamhost; so I’ve been attempting to convert my YaBBGold board to Yabb SE. I was interested in how you managed to pull this off, because each time I ran the converter.php; it gave me an fopen(YaBB/dir/to/file/file)“permission denied” warning. Chmodding everything inthere to 777 didn’t help either. So how did you manage to convert?
I’m sorry this reply is not answering your question… I just recently installed YabbSE myself; I’ve yet to assess its performance…
Thanks for any replies!

So far, so good with YaBBSE, but I did discover something very important if you have threads of any significant size on your board.

There are a couple of options in the Mod Options section related to checking/restricting image size. If you have these turned on (as I did), and you show personal pictures/have people who link pictures from offsite in their posts, then it’s entirely possible that loading a topic with upwards of 50 replies will take a minute or longer–absurdly slow. It has something to do with the image checking routine, and I haven’t experimented with exactly what to turn on/off, but it makes a HUGE difference–the difference between quite snappy and absolutely unusable.

On a related note, the post in the YaBBSE forums where I got wind of that tip also had information about adding a few extra indexes to your MySQL database to speed things up, which might be worthwhile–worked for me.