Hi peps, I have been messing around SSH changes this morning in an attempt to configure mod_xsendfile to work on my VPS. It was recommended as the most secure solution when using Woocommerce plugin on my wordpress configuration.


I have read many posts around this and thought I successfully configured it and then all my domains went offline on testing, I can only assume a catastrophic error. I reset the server changes and all is back to square one.

So second try, I have located this module “ndn-apache22-modxsendfile” using “$ dpkg -l |grep apache2” via ssh. Is this module useable by my site? Do I just Load the module via https.conf with path settings.

I really need a expert on this, do I even need to use it? Any insight, ray hope or help appreciated. thx.

As noted on the other thread: Contact DreamHost support. We have a tool that’ll enable mod_xsendfile properly for you.

Is DH support still adding mod_xsendfile in VPS accounts? Because the alternative as far as I understand it is to manually change httpd.conf which appears to be overwritten as needed.