XMPP/Jabber with conversejs

Hi there,
i’m trying to set up conversejs [conversejs.org] to have a simple chat xmpp based on my sites.

host: mysite.ext
user: myuser
pass: mypass

XMPP/Jabber user:
I created it successfully using dh control panel.

Conversejs on https://conversejs.org:
I can correctly use conversejs by putting myuser/mypass on site form to login and use the chat.
Also i created some users and i can run multiple browser tab to correctly let them talk togheter.
So dreamhost XMMP/Jabber side i supposed it is all ok.

Conversejs on mysite.ext:
When i try to use Conversejs on my site i’m stuck when i have to fill the param bosh_service_url, that in my understanding of the protocol is the man in the middle to let XMPP and HTTP to talk.


  1. Is there a standard port/configuration (like mysite.ext:5280/http-bind) to complete conversejs setup?
  2. if the above answer is no, is there a php class/lib/hack to achieve that “by hand”?
  3. is there a public bosh service to use to handle the situation?

Thanks a lot for time and attention,