Xmlsec and Google App for Domains

I’m trying to set up Google Apps for Domains Single-Sign-On service and have run into a little bit of a stopping point: it requires xmlsec to digitally sign the xml files that enter and leave my side of it. Basically, I need help installing and/or compiling xmlsec for this us. I’ve tried just downloading, configure, and make, but it has some issues with shared libraries, and I’m no expert on how to make it all work. It wants, depending on where I get the binary (I’ve tried both an rpm and building from source) either an xmlsec1 shared library or an xmlsec1-openssl library. I’d compile openssl but I’m not sure where I’d get the xmlsec specific one. I’m thinking the easiest route instead of fixing things that pop up is that if someone has done this before or knows how from some experience could just show me how it’s done properly the first way around.
If anyone can help me out, I’d be really grateful. If more information is needed I can try to re-trace what I’ve done and see what I get. Thanks!

any luck on this? I am just starting to look into a google apps SSO for my site, too. did you make it happen?