Xmlhttprequest not working!

i fixed thnks …

Might want to check PHP version in your account for compatibility. Maybe compare version to the other host PHP version where you say the script is working.

thnks bro but dream host is stop post url from script:
see solo link is working and in script dosent work
check this link and refresh page and is working number count but in script dosent work why is stoped ?

Did you check the PHP versions?

Have you tried adding the “https:” ?

Also, look in your error log and post the error message here.

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You seem to have the domain forcing www.

Either switch it to force off www (edit the domain in Panel)


In the az1.open GET, replace the leading // with www.

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is working sXi i love u bro thnk u thnk u thnk u wery much

i love keyplyr for trying help me thnks bro <3