XML:RSS, Syndication, and Readers

I’ve been reading up on RSS and also know DH provides XML:RSS. I am interested in creating several special feeds. In particular, to start with, on one of my sites, I’d like to combine feeds from several blogs (all MT but not all on my hosts). The idea is to present a local “news happenings” resource using RSS to pull in the posts from several neighborhood bloggers.

Anyone doing feeds? I’ve been reading up on Webreference, but am still puzzling out what I need. I’m thinking:

  1. Some kind of Web-based RSS reader, to display the feed

  2. Customized RSS documents if I want to present the feed information other than what MT provides by default (I have one tutorial from O’Reilly that spiffs up the MT RSS 1.0 template)

Am I on the right track?

Are you trying to syndicate other bloggers’ posts on your site? One way to do that would be to periodically retrieve their RSS files (which are XML files) and transform them to HTML. XSLT works pretty well for this, but the learning curve is very, very steep.

In case you haven’t run across it yet, Mark Pilgrim’s article on RSS for XML.com is pretty good.

The Utah State government site (!!) of all places has a good resource page on RSS. Their former CTO, Phil Windley, used to be an exec at Excite and is pretty big into blogging. That page has a fairly extensive section on creating RSS feeds.

That Utah site is terrific… I may be able to find some tool to accomplish what I want to do without a lot of scripting/work on my part. Still hunting/thinking/reading. Thanks!

I’ve used Ben Brown’s RSS Monkey: http://www.brandbenbrown.com/display.html/rssmonkey in the past. It’s pretty easy to use and easy to customise.