XML Feed issue on phpBB


I operate a phpBB. I recently added a mod to allow for XML streaming for news content such as scrolling the BBC.

The mod is up and I can access it through my ACP. Yet, the content from the BBC, (supplied with the mod as a test) will not run.

It was suggested that my host may not allow sockets, or, they are turned off.

Can anybody advise me please? Must I turn them on within my account at DH?


If the mod uses ‘fopen’ it will not work.
IIRC if you plead your case to support they may open it up for you, that or compile and install PHP yourself.
I’m not 100% sure on that however. Go read your support/announcement history. The ‘fopen’ controversy is present in much of the DH panel :-).

If not, tell the mod author to design it in cURL.