XHTML/CSS Space between banner and navigation

I have my banner and navigation below it. well in firefox it displays just fine, but in internet explorer 7 it does. It shows a space between the banner and the top navigation. Can anyone help?





I think I got it:

In the internal style sheet I put

#top_navi {
margin-top: -2px

Does it show up right for you guys?

Also I created a new problem in IE 7…if you look at my side navi my color is showing below, but not in firefox? I might fix this one also…we will see.


I suspect the problem is related to the fact that IMG is an inline element, and thus it is subject to the usual rules concerning baselines for text, etc. Consider converting the relevant images to block-level elements:div#header img { display:block; }si-blog
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Thanks! That’s a lot better. Just that I’m not quite understand what you mean. Like my right_navi_top.jpg:

#right_navi img { display:block; }