Xfer private GoDaddy URL without losing privacy?


According to the wiki, before one can transfer a private GoDaddy domain (cloaked by “DomainsByProxy”) one must first remove privacy in GoDaddy’s DomainsByProxy control panel, then transfer the domain to DreamHost, where privacy can be re-enabled.

I asked the GoDaddy customer help person if that meant my information would be displayed on the net in the process, and she replied “yes.” I then asked if the only way to maintain my privacy was to stay with GoDaddy forever. She replied that I could ask my new registrar to initiate a “private transfer.”

Is she right? How does one ask DreamHost for such a thing? The main reason I’m considering transferring these domains to Dreamhost is for the free privacy – otherwise it seems like the yearly domain fees are about the same.

Thanks for any replies.


I hadn’t heard of a private transfer. Standard transfer requires privacy turned off, so your info is briefly made public.

One workaround would be to alter your WHOIS info at GoDaddy so what does show up publicly is non-critical.