XCloner fails backup - _domain_logs file protections


I am trying to use XCloner to duplicate one of my sites, so I can test on the duplicate while keeping the original. I set up the backup but when I try to run it fails:

There was an error retrieving the JSON data from the server, try again or contact the developers!

Details: parsererror – Invalid JSON: TAR error: Unable to open file ‘/home/_domain_logs/cptnerd/nerdwatch.com/http.8911623/html/.htpasswd’ in binary read mode

This is obviously because of the changes Dreamhost made to plug a security hole, but I can’t tell XCloner to ignore log files, so if anyone has used XCloner since the log file change, please let me know.

If XCloner can’t be used now, what have people been using instead?

Thank you


I use XCloner on a daily basis and have no problems.
Not a DH problem


I found the problem, I have a link to the analog stats folder in a ~/stats directory, and it tried to back that up. When I told it to ignore the stats directory it worked fine. Sure would be nice to back up those stats, but I guess I’ll have to live without them.