Xcache compilation and installation

I want to install xcache 3.0.1 PROPERLY on two of my VPS installations. I’ve gotten it compiled, yet it replies with an error report on make test. Could someone advise to a “proper” compilation in this context so that it has the proper configure parameters, etc for the DH context of debian lenny 5.0.10?

What does the error report say?

Unfortunately I’m not sure which file contains that which is submitted for the make test. Here’s the stdout output of the make test and the contents of config.log: https://gist.github.com/ylluminate/7ec05bce5c074173afb8#file-test-output

I only had a quick look at the output, but it appears normal. The CLI in shell uses PHP5.2 and would try to load the extension from another location than you’ve built it if you’ve just built PHP5.3 yourself. The module is probably located in your [source directory]/libs/xcache.so - copy that to somewhere in your home and point a phprc directive at it.