Anyone know the precise meaning of this email header, seemingly newly added by Dreamhost but not mentioned in their docs anywhere I can see? Thanks.

According to The Book of Postfix: State-Of-The-Art Message Transport
by Ralf Hildebrandt, Patrick Koetter

“X-header is a generic term for an extension header field with a name that starts with a capith X and a hyphen. X-headers are meant to be nonstandard and to provide information only, and converstly, any nonstandard informative header should be an X-header. Here are a few sample X-headers (there are, of course, millions more):
X-Mailser: Xinian Evolution 1.4.3
X-Proiorty: 3
X-spam-checker-version: SpamAssassin 2.53
X-Origional-To: recipient@example.com

Not sure if that exactly explains what DH is using it for, but it’s at least a start. I found that from google book search.


Thanks. “What DH is using it for exactly” is what I’m after.

X-Original-To is a feature of Postfix v2, which is now on the backend mail machines from what I hear. See also this thread for more information. But basically, it shows the original envelope-recipient of the message. This is very handy, because otherwise, you have no reliable way of knowing for sure what this was.

[quote]it shows the original envelope-recipient of the message.


I hope so.

[quote]This is very handy,