WYSWYG, mysql user permisions, cp test drive?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a potential new customer just trying to decide if dh is the one for us…with three unrelated questions.

  1. Does dh have any stand-alone wysiwyg editors like xinha that I can add to my web forms? We already have a home-grown cms but have never come up with a stable, xhtml compliant wyswyg editor.

  2. At my old hosting company, we only have one mysql user that is used to access our dbs. Is that the same w/ dh? If not, can someone point me to the proper permissions to set for your sitewide mysql user?

  3. Is there a way to "test drive’ the control panel as a demo user before signing up and transferring our gazillions of files?


Hi maybeme and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Since xinha seems to be written in client-side javascript, it should work fine with your DreamHost hosted sites.

When you create a new MySQL database in the DreamHost panel, you have the option of using an existing database user or creating a completely new user for this database. Basically, whether you use the one database user for all your databases or create a new user for each database is totally up to you. You can of-course edit a specific database user’s privileges (select, insert, update etc.) via the panel.

There is no real ‘demo’ of the control panel, but you can use the link below to obtain a DreamHost account without buying any hosting. However, you wont actually be able to do much without an active hosting plan under the account.



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Thanks for your reply! I know XINHA would work, but I was just wondering if there is some state of the art cool wyswyg editor that dh supplies (like Gallery for images, etc) that is better than what we’ve got now (which wouldn’t be hard!). I am slow on the learning curve of prefab (and superior) packages (better than homegrown).

I am afraid not. DreamHost does have a few popular applications on the One-Click install page, but as far as site ‘plug-ins’ like WYSIWYG editors etc, you will have to track down your own preferred packages and install them yourself. DreamHost does support all the major scripting languages, so these manual installations aren’t normally too difficult.


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