Www.yourdomain.com vs. yourdomain.com

Okay, so I made a little portfolio website for a client at cariola.com, but now she’s getting feedback from users that the full site is not always loading. There are three frames, and users have been telling her that they see ONLY the top frame (the one with her name in it).

Everything works great on my home computer, so I ran some tests, and in Netscape from my office. When I load cariola.com as opposed to www.cariola.com, EVERYTHING BUT the top frame loads.

My guess is that this is a permissions problem, or maybe I need a redirect at cariola.com to go to www.cariola.com (I don’t know how to do that). Other than that, I have no clue.

Also, everything works great if you type www.cariola.com from any browser – I think. And, I coded everything in really basic HTML with few bells and wistles (some javascript), so I don’t think it’s anything like that.

Feedback from you knowledgeable folks would be appreciated!!!

Probably easiest to have support help with it.

Though you could use server-side includes to detech when the hostname is “cariola.com”, eg

<#!–if env=“wrong_hostname” -->

<#!--endif --> [/code]Just a thought...you would have to put the following in an .htaccess file - [code]SetEnvIf Host "^cariola.com$" wrong_hostname[/code]The environment variable HTTP_HOST should be set by Apache already, and so you can use it to.