Www vs. wp on WordPress site

Hi. I set up my Dreamhost hosting, installed WordPress and registered my domain today. I’ve built my site at the default wp.mydomain.com, but when I go to www.mydomain.com I get a Coming Soon page. Where can I go to tell www to point to the site at wp.mydomain.com?

I suspect that somewhere in the DH setup, I reserved the www, because when I tried to enter it in the WP setup it said it was already in use.

Any help?

Use a .htaccess or any type of redirect. You may upload these files using FTP client like Filezilla.

You may add [php][/php] to the head section of the “Comming Soon”. It will redirest users to http://wp.domain.com after 5 seconds.

You may also customise this time by changing the 5 to 0 (for instant redirect) or anything.

To do this you should download the file and using text editor add the code in before

using meta refresh is highly frowned upon by search engines (because the spammers love it so). instead just create a file named .htaccess and place it in your mydomain.com folder with the following information:

Redirect 301 / http://wp.mydomain.com