Www vs no www

So, I’ve noticed today while playing with my settings that somehow… when I check www.boundmuse.com it comes up different than boundmuse.com … how can I fix this so that they look the same?

Also, in my settings I wanted to see what it would look like as ‘cloaked’ so I tried it. I didn’t like it, and changed it but despite setting it back to fully hosted the information is still down there under the ‘cloaking’ information. Is this possibly causing the different views of www and without?


Right now I see exactly the same content at boundmuse.com and www.boundmuse.com.

You should know that the settings in Domains -> Manage Domains will update your DNS settings. These can take a few hours to update, and a few hours to change back. The difference between boundmuse.com and www.boundmuse.com might have been caused by this lag.

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As Doeleman pointed out, it takes time for the stuff to update and it’s not always on DH’s side for this matter.

What you’ve been seen is a classic example of “cached DNS”. Whenever you make a query for a domain your ISP’s DNS servers caches the DNS information for X period of time (TTL - TimeToLive). When you make DNS changes, it can take upto the full TTL for your ISP to update the cache for your domain (time depends on when it last did a DNS query for it).

TTL, but default, is set for 3 days, to minimize DNS traffic. Looks like it’s set for 21 days. 0.o
But it could change sooner depending on if the ISP actively clears it cache or not.

My suggestion: edit your host file until DNS fully convernts (nslookup www.boundmuse.com via the commandline)