Www. subdomain working, but regular not?

I just created a subdomain for one of my hostees, and I’m getting an odd error, when I access her URL with the www. in front of the subdomain (ie, http://www.ks.infinite9.net), it works perfectly fine, but when I access minus the www. I get a server not found error (ie, http://ks.infinite9.net).

Does anyone know what’s causing this, and how I can fix it? I’ve just recently moved to DreamHost from my even more oversold account, and some of the features are quite a bit different.

What you are describing sounds like normal DNS updating issues. If you set up this domain within the last 72 hours or so, you will often find that it “comes and goes” as far as being reachable via DNS (depending upon routing and other issues).

I suspect it just needs more time, but you could always submit a support ticket.


Thanks, that’s what I was thinking, but usually subdomains are set up pretty quickly… oh well, I’ll wait until tommarow, and if problem persists, I’ll contact support.

Thanks a bunch~

No problem! You are right, subdomains usually are set up pretty fast, but caches (your browser, you computer; your ISP, etc.) still make resolving a “new” DNS entry a little dicey at first.

I’ve had luck “clearing” all that I can (can’t do much about an ISP :wink: ) and trying again. I use Firefox, and sometimes, even clearing the cache does not good until I close the browser - upon restarting it, I can often connect. Just a thought.