Www. not working properly on site


Hey there - I have selected for both www. and no www. to work on my site, poweruproductions.tv, however, it keeps removing the www. I can’t figure out what the problem is. I have several other sites set up the same way. Recently I set this and another site up and installed gapps, which would be the only unique thing, however the other site with gapps works just fine and the www stays on when I use it. Any thoughts on what’s happening? Also, sorry if I’m completely noob on this:P


Check for a .htaccess file in your domain folder. htaccess has the ability to strip off the www when someone visits your site.

Personally, I always go with either Add “www” or remove “www” so I get a consistent URL for my site(s).



I’ll check that out. Also, I actually did try to switch to force the www. like you said, after I noticed it was removing it. When I did that, it would get locked up. Looked like it was going back and forth from www.power… to http://power… so I switched it back. not sure what that was about.