Wtf webftp?

This is pure pain. I uploaded each file (individually, because apparently, there’s no clear way to upload more than one of anything) and after a few hundred loaded successfully and I typed in my web address, my pages now look like refrigerator magnets of jumbled code with no pictures.

What do I have to do when I upload to get this right? I even offered to pay someone at dreamhost to upload for me. They are looking for directions for me. I know my site was designed on iweb and was tested and is fine. It’s an upload problem I’m having. Is there a Dreamhost step by step guide to webftp that would help? Nothing on Dreamhost seems to work.

Do you want to consider using an FTP or SFTP client with a GUI? Are you using a Mac or a Windows machine?

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The problem isn’t DreamHost. The problem is iWeb, which is a well-known piece of garbage given away free by Apple so that they can say it is easy to make websites with Macs. It is designed to work the .Mac service, which is also garbage.

Download a proper FTP tool (I recommend something simple like the FireFTP add-on for Firefox) and configure it for use with your DreamHost account. You will then be able to drag and drop files to your heart’s content. Make sure you put the files in your domain folder (/home/username/ so that they are world-readable.

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I’ve tried Fetch and can’t even find out how to load to dreamhost. Dreamhost says it’s and if that doesn’t work, try What’s that all about? Neither work, and I can’t find coherent instructions anywhere.

First time ftp’ers often run into firewall problems. Also, as mentioned in other threads, there was a recent ftp outage on some servers, so the first thing you should do is try again.

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Lensman, you’re a genius. I just followed your directions in an older thread about switching the CNAME to and it looks like it may work. I’m sure iweb is much lamer, but I have a simple site and I’m too dumb to figure all this out. Stay tuned, though.

Hey, if it works, no one’s going to argue that you “should” do something else. :slight_smile:

I’ve always believed in picking the right tool for the job. In this case, I agree that if you’re going to use iweb, using makes sense because they were made to work together.

Now that you’re here and have one site working, you can relax and experiment with other tools and such at your leisure!

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Yeah, I have another, more complex flash site that is kept here. But the designer won’t let me touch anything but webmail!