WTF? No callback on Code Monster plan?

I’m baffled. I upgraded to the Code Monster plan and was looking forward to getting the callback option that is included as a support option as listed in the plans comparison.

I’m surprised to see that when I now go to my “Contact Support” control panel, there’s a comment after the callback-request form that says “(US only, include the area code!)”

WTF???!! US ONLY?? Hey, I’m paying full price for this! Either give me a rebate since I’m not in the U.S., or at least be up front about this in your sales documentation. This could be called fraudulent: I paid for a service that I’m not getting!



Actually, it’s funny you should bring this up right now… we’re in the process of switching all our internal phone lines to voip, which should make international calling way way cheaper for us. We are planning on starting to allow international callbacks sometime early in the next year!

I hope that helps soothe things a bit… sorry for the disappointment with that, we didn’t mean to hide the fact that we currently only do US callbacks!


Oh good Im also a non- US customer

SO does this mean we now will be able to get call backs Jan 2005?

Hope so; that would be very useful


Josh, I would very much like to speak to someone from DH Support on the phone, is it possible that you call me these days? Since I don’t have any phone number where to call you …

I also submitted a support issue about this to DreamHost, and the (quick!) reply I got was very professional and fair. Once more, DH shows that they are serious about good customer service.

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LOL only US Callbacks?? Actually they do callbacks when its not a holiday it seems, or when they have enough people to cover all the problems. My wish for the new year is that they have a real tech support team soon and a phone to reach them by as most companies do.

Like I posted in another thread here, I’d rather prefer a most responsive and formal support forum. There are hosting companies out there which promise 30 minutes feedback time (but actually usually respond in a few minutes).

Hiring extra hands for telephone support is expensive but not necessarily efficient nor effective.

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