Write out something when the server can't reach becouse of maintenance

I saw the message about the maintenance and I think would be nice, if we not just get a simple connection broken message, but we can get a frendly and informative feedback what’s going on in the backround, the visitor why can’t reach the page at this time.
For example:
"We make maintenance on the sever, please come back 10 minutes later "

If you are the one doing site maintenance, then this is easy to do via .htaccess. I’m not entirely sure what maintenance message you are referring to otherwise.

If the domain unreachable becouse of maintenance, modify the htacess is not a usefull think.
In that case, we need a protokoll for this.
If the domain unreachable, write out a maintenance message.

“Maintenance” can mean a lot of different things. What kind of maintenance are you specifically referring to?

Or are you referring to 500 errors?

There are at least three cases to consider: the application is undergoing maintenance and the site can not be accessed (hint: see kjodle’s htacess comment above), the application can’t run successfully and is throwing error pages (hint: those error pages are customizable), the server is unreachable (requires an additional server and routers properly configured specifically for this case).

From the subject line of the OPs post, it sounds like he means the third, but the frequency of occurrence for that one is probably not more than a minute or so per year, making the cost/benefit ratio far to high to implement globally across dreamhost without dreamhost having to price itself above the compition for a feature that most won’t understand or configure.