Wrapping Text Around Image?

How can I wrap the text around an image? Here is one of the webpages where I would like to wrap text around the image:


At the bottom the this webpage is an image of the Bible, with scripture that I would like to have along the right side of the image. I’d also like to use the wrap function for text with many other images as well. Thanks.


Probably the easiest way, though officially depricated, you can “wrap” text around an image is by using the “align” attribute of the img tag. For example:

Put some meaningful text here

will cause the image to be displayed on the left, with text wrapping around the right side of the image.

This is an over simplification, because there are other parameters you can use to control spacing around images, etc, but this should get you started.

A better solution is to use a css style.

A quick “google” revealed this post on a WordPress support forum which (read the whole thread!) gives some good advice and show both ways to do it.


Good Luck!

I don’t care for deprecated attributes myself and normally to get around this particular issue I have a couple of generic classes in my stylesheet, then I combine them with image tags to achieve the same effect as well as adding the deprecated vspace hspace like so:

.floatl {float:left;}
.floatr {floar:right;}
img.floatl {margin: 0 5px 5px 0;}
img.floatr {margin: 0 0 5px 5px;}


The generic float classes come in handy now and then and it’s nice to have a standard way to present your images that occur in the flow of your content.


how do i add hml to my site?

don’t double post, Allready answered in thread in this forum.