WPforms Contact form not working?

Hi, I’m trying to add a contact form onto my wordpress site, specifically WPforms. I tried to send test emails to myself and none went through. After some googling, I found out that I may need to use mailgun to help emails get sent. I’m up to the part where I need to create a subdomain for mailgun.com, but once I try to use that subdomain on mailgun, I get the error message " Your domain name must be a valid URL".

The subdomain I created on Dreamhost is email.mywebsite.com, and it’s not letting me use it.

I’m open to any other easier suggestions on adding a contact form.


The From address is important to gettng mail out. You can’t spoof, it must be From an email address on your account, it can’t be From something else like Gmail.

I don’t know why you can’t use an “email.” Sub-domain, but that’s easy to get around-name it something else.

It’s not mandatory to use mailgun. You should be able to use your DreamHost SMTP server or sendgrid or sparkpost or elasticmail… there are so many options :slight_smile:

Before switching to mailgun, did you find out why your test emails didn’t get sent? Checking logs, error messages and any visual clue is a good start to understand why tools fail.