WP Upgrade Killed the Server?

Well, you can disregard this post, it seems to have worked itself out. There must have been a few minutes of general downtime or something at the exact moment I tried to upgrade. It came back up as if the update had never been attempted and worked like a charm after that.

I must have been out of the loop because I just discovered today that WP 2.82 had been released.  OK, so I go log into wp-admin and click the automatic upgrade.  

First site, no problem.  "Successfully upgraded to 2.82."  "You are using WP 2.82."  Double confirmation is good, so I go to the next site...

Click the automatic upgrade and wait.  Wait some more.  Five minutes later, I'm still waiting so I decide to open the first site.  Waiting.

That was about ten minutes ago and now it looks like all my sites are offline, with the browser stuck on the loading screen.  I go to the webFTP to see if I can spot an anomoly, and now the FTP can't even connect.  

Is the server down and this bad timing?  Did I kill something?  Ah crap, what do I do next?  

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