WP Theme changes delay before showing

I am changing themes and/or making other changes to the theme on my WP site, and they take anywhere between 5-30 minutes to show up.

I’ve already disabled the WP cache plugin, and cleared my browser cache many times (for multiple browsers and on multiple devices), but it doesn’t seem to help.

Any ideas? Is Dreamhost doing some kind of server-side caching that is making this happen?


Unless you turned on something like xCache yourself, there’s no reason for that to happen at all. We certainly don’t have any caching like that either.

Which one of your sites is having the problem? And for an experiment, what happens if you put a plain text file up in the WP folder, like ‘hello.txt’ ? Does that show right away? (It’s possible that even though you turned off the plugin, that it’s still being an idiot and running anyway).

Check your .htaccess file, too.

Sometimes plugins that write to .htaccess fail to “undo” their rewrites when you disable/remove them.

Yeah, I’ve gotten this too. I think DH has changed a default somewhere. Here’s how to undo it: Add this to the .htaccess file in your WP install:

Thanks so much for the help, everyone. Adam’s suggestion solved the problem immediately.

Dreamhost – maybe this is something to look into?

In panel I have to manually elect to turn on Page Speed Optimization (ModPagespeed) when adding a domain. Was it preselected by default when you added yours?

Pagespeed is Google Pagespeed, and I know we don’t leave that on by default, so it’s more likely someone turned it on for you (if we did, it would be because you asked).

You can turn it on or off via the Panel, though. Panel -> Manage Domains -> Edit Domain, scroll down and uncheck :slight_smile: