WP Super Cache problems?

I activated the WP Super Cache plugin a few weeks ago but since then my site has been VERY slow to load. Also, changes I make to widgets, etc. take forever to populate. Is there anything I can do to improve the loading time without having to deactivate the plugin? If I do deactivate, is it going to leave a lot of a bloat behind?

There could be any number of reasons why your site runs slow! WP Super Cache helps, but there may be other issues at bay. What’s your domain? I can take a look. :slight_smile:

I just sent you an email on my findings, but in a nutshell:

I disabled PageSpeed Optimization for you for the time being; Your site seems to be running more quickly now having that turned off. I also sent you a list of IP addresses that seem to hitting your site pretty hard, which could also slow things down.

This could also be helpful: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/WordPress_Optimization

Feel free to reply to my email directly too if you have any follow-up questions/concerns. Thanks!

Mm, I looked at the optimization page you linked and I’ve already gone through most of that except the .htaccess stuff, which I’m not comfortable with editing. If the cache plugin in supposed to HELP page speed, then the only other plugins I can think of that could be a problem are WordPress SEO, SEO Friendly Images, and/or Better WP Security. Those and the cache plugin are the last four I installed/activated. Before them, my site was fine - so I don’t believe it’s the theme or anything like that.

Has anyone else had any problems with slow loading times after using one of these plugins?

I may try disabling the SEO stuff. The security plugin I hesitate to deactivate because I really do like the insight it provides…also, it gives me an easy way to ban those IP address you sent me.

Any other advice or suggestions from anyone are welcome. I am really unhappy about my site’s performance lately, for the first time in my (almost) 9 years with Dreamhost. :frowning: