WP: Subweb and reinstall questions


Absolute beginner here, as will become readily apparent as you continue to read…

First, while installing WP using the simple installation option, I was prompted to name a subdomain. How do I configure things such that users need not go to test.mydomain.com to view my site? Also, why do I need a subdomain in the first place?

Second problem… While adding links to my website, I inadvertently removed blogroll links that were originally part of the theme I am using (WP informational links). I would like to reinstate them. Is there a way to do this? Also, if I wish to start from scratch, is there a way to delete all my content and return the theme/template to it’s original form? I did try to reinstall a WP theme over the existing one (test.mydomain.com) but received a warning message: Whoops! There was an error while trying to install wordpress for you!

Invalid Domain: test.patientsafetyhub.com is already being used for a one-click! <<

Thanks in advance for your answers.


It is my greatest desire that DH removes the simple install option from the one-click installs. Too many customers just don’t understand what the simple install is. No one who pays for hosting would want to do a simple install yet people keep clicking on it thinking it will be easier somehow to deploy and manage because it says simple right? The simple install makes you choose a sub-domain because it installs the files to a central location that is not accessible to you. What this means is that you cannot do any custom editing to the files since they aren’t running under your user. If you are playing around with the one-clicks ALWAYS use custom install so you can actually have control over the files. First thing you need to do is go back to the one-click section and delete what you’ve done and choose custom install. You would be able to install wp to your main domain name and don’t put anything after the / or you would end up putting it in a sub-directory.




it’s probably a good idea to keep the ‘simple installs’ but the label should be different. DH-managed and self-managed, perhaps.