WP Slow



I’m using Wordpress via DH and I’m also using it on another site I’m administering which is hosted elsewhere (namely ixwebhosting) first off I love DH waaaaay better than IX, but for some reason when I update or edit my WP site on IX it updates almost immediately. If I update or modify anything on DH it takes an hour or so to refresh and update.

Any thoughts?

Johnny “Jay” Johnson
Freelance Creative Genius


Sounds like a caching issue of some type.

Are you using any specific cache plugins on your WP ?


I’m using WP-Cache the one that comes with the WP one-click install. Is there anything else that might work better?

Johnny “Jay” Johnson
Freelance Creative Genius


wp-super-cache :wink:

It will serve your dynamic pages from static content, eliminating any database bottleneck that may occur at different times during the day.

rlparker would be the man to fill you in on any questions pertaining to this.