WP-Rocket vs. WP Super Cache Optimization


Anyone ever use WP-Rocket? Currently using WP Super Cache and Cloudflare (waiting for DreamHost to fix the Railgun bug), but I’m still in the 60s for desktop on Google PageSpeed even after spending a lot of time Googling recommended settings for WP Super Cache. All the reviews of WP-Rocket seem to be biased affiliate reviewers.


Trying WP Rocket, but I think my problem is that I’m on shared hosting. Waiting to hear back from WP Rocket support but will probably upgrade to a VPS.


What railgun issues are you having? I just realized today recently realized the server we were moved to years ago didn’t have it installed at all…


Someone in support told me that it’s not working because of a bug and that they’re working on a fix. The Cloudflare Chrome extension does not list it as active. Apparently I’m also having an issue where WP Rocket might not be working, either, so I’m waiting for their support to respond. Also have been told that a VPS will not fix my problems. Although the scores are a bit better now than they were.


if you’re on a shared host could you login via SSH and run the following command?

apt list | grep railgun

Does it return anything at all? If not, what’s your server’s host name?


It returned the following:

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface yet. Use with caution in scripts.