WP Quickinstall doesnt work?!


Hi, I’ve tried installing WP using quickinstall. mysql db is done. Waited for almost 30mins(says 10mins to install but…) but nothing happened. I’ve checked via FTP(filezilla) I haven’t seen any wp file from there… what’s going on? does quickinstall still works?


Any admin this is urgent!


wow, I’ve gathered an info about dreamhost quickinstall, most of them says its NOT working :frowning: I tried manual install via ftp, got mysql error, in which I already field the mysql db info correctly vs my ms-config.php, error database connection… any idea?


I just tried the wordpress one click installer via the panel, and had no issues installing. Worked as expected on a test sub-domain that was previously created. As far as the mysql database, I let the one click installer create a new one.

If you want help you might want to be specific about how you are going about this. You hint that you might have imported a database or are using an existing one for some reason, but it’s really pretty hard for us to guess. Everyone here for the most part is a customer just like you are, and we have no special access to see what you are doing, we only know what you told us, and in this case that isn’t very much.


look, tried many times… I followed the wizard installation and let it choose for me for the mysql database, says wait after 10mins. I waited more than half an hour now, and NOTHING HAPPENED. my domain is already been set to FULLY HOSTED. so what have have done wrong?! This is really getting annoying now! seriously.

No, there’s no importing databases whatsoever in here… I just basically did quickinstall the wordpress but that happen…

ok, I wanna do it manually. Can you please give me a tutorial on how to do so, coz Ive done the same thing with other hosting and quick installation runs smoothly… only yours failed.


Here you go:


Read thru it carefully first so you know what information you need, etc… I would also read up on hardening your WP install so you don’t get hacked (or at least minimize the possibilities). Do a Google search for “hardening wordpress” & “hardening MySQL” and you should find some good info. Just to give you an idea – I have taken about 12 days and focused on nothing but my site’s security. I believe it is very important to start out as locked down as possible… and it takes a lot of time, reading and cursing, but in the end it is worth it.


Not mine. I am not dreamhost, nor affiliated with dreamhost in anyway. I am a customer just like you. I did run the Wordpress one click install just as a test for this thread and found that it worked flawlessly.

Perhaps since you are unable to write a post with EXACT details and/or screenshots you should contact support via the ticket system so that they can take a look at exactly what is happening in your case. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=support.msg&


oh lol. Sorry about that luke. I thought you were one of the reps here. but thanks a bunch for helping me out though THEY(dreamhost) supposed to help me out with this. But thank you again… I will read the url you’ve shared.
I just received an email today from them. But I would like to ask you this.

We were unable to set up wordpress as requested at:

The problem was directory /home/softfak/softfak.com is not empty! Please re-install, specifying an empty (or new) directory.

so does it mean that I have delete all the files in that directory?[hr]
oh nvm, I figured it out already… Tnx luke