WP Plugins Not Installing!


I have a few plugins for WordPress that won’t install on dreamhost. They install perfectly on another host so I know it’s not the plugins themselves.

I get the error:

400 Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

Now I have been working with DH techs for over 2 weeks now and frustrated beyond belief. They suggested I come here to see if anyone else is having this problem or to find out what the fix is.

PRIOR to recent WP updates, I never had this problem and I really do believe that it’s something that DH didn’t set correctly or that they could fix on a global bases. According to them, I am the ONLY PERSON in that has reported this but when I go on google search many people are experiencing this. Some think it’s a timing issue or something.

I just want it fixed and I would think that the easiest, quickest, and safest way to fix it is for DH to do to it.

Now I would love to hear if others are experiencing this and what the fix is, if there is one. Otherwise…adios to DH and hello HG.




You haven’t divulged what you are doing immediately prior to receiving the 400 response.


Attempting to install a plugin from my files to WP the usual way. It doesn’t happy with all of them, but more than I’d like and they are the bigger ones. The ones that actually do a lot on WP.


Just for clarification, what is the “usual way” of installing plug-ins?

I haven’t used WP for a while. My usual way was uploading them myself.


I go into WP admin, then click on plugins, then hit add, upload, which takes me to my hard drive where I have the new plug in waiting, I double click on that plugin, which puts it in the box ready to upload, and then hit submit. It sits there for a few moments obviously (detected by the bottom left) communicating with DH, then it goes into 404 BAD REQUEST.

Not sure if I can make it any clearer. If there is another way to install a plugin (which I do know there is but I SHOULDN’T HAVE to do it that way), then let me know.



When you select the plugin, is this plugin in an archived (ie. untouched since the developer) state, or is it a php file that may have been opened, altered, or otherwise played with? If the latter, it could be that some alien characters have found their way into the file, which might result with a (syntactical) 400 error.

The most robust way to install anything is to upload files in an unaltered state using SFTP.


Didn’t touch it. Downloaded it to a file, and attempted to up load into wp. I guess I’m going to have to try it your way with ftp but…why does it work with another hosting company and not dreamhost??? OK…I tried to FTP it EXACTLY how it is with my other hosting which is basically the opened zip file put into the plugin section with the rest of the active plugins. When I go to activate it…it won’t. Now WTF am I doing wrong???


Usually things get corrupted due to rogue (invisible) characters within the files. This is why code is always better off uploaded to a server in it’s archived form and untar’d/unzip’d on the server itself. Of course this method isn’t available on many webhosts so the “accepted norm” is to extract files on a local system and then use FTP transfer. This “accepted norm” is far from a robust method.

Do you perchance have any security plug-ins installed that tests the sanity of your WP core files? It might be that the upload mechanism has become corrupt in some manner, thus thwarting attempts at your usual method of plug-in installation. I only mention this as the time frame of 2 weeks you mentioned originally quite closely coincides with when the botnet hacks apparently reached DH servers.