WP Plugin Problem - Dreamhost related?

Is anyone else using WordPress having plugin problems lately? I installed the plugin Text Control today and it shows up in the control panel and I activated it in the Plugin area but the options menu is not showing up on the post/edit pages. I also have another blog where it was already installed and used to work but is now also having this problem. I’ve searched the Codex, WP support forum and generally (Google) but have not found a clue other than one person having the same problem on their Dreamhosted WordPresss blog…but not on their local development server WP blog.

Perhaps it has something to do with DH’s recent policy change that discontinues the use of allow_url_fopen PHP configuration?

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That’s related to Bug #902.

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Thanks for the info. I checked out the bug report. The patch they’ve written is in .diff format - since it seems to be a WordPress problem after all I will see about getting that patch or a WordPress upgrade over at the support forum.