WP & phpBB resource hogs?

I’ve been keeping an eye on my WordPress 2.0 and phpBB utilization and I’ve gone from 29 CPU minutes (before I upgraded from WP 1.5.1 to WP 2, and installed the forum) to almost 58 CPU minutes with no real change in utilization (there are 4 members to the forum and no posting has taken place) while the number of visitors to the WP blog has increased from 200 to 300. Would that cause a doubling of resources used?

Are these to programs that much of resource hogs?

Is there something that uses less CPU resources than phpBB?

I don’t think a properly configured blog should use up that processing power. But the dynamic content sutff from Wordpres can use up a lot of resources. Also if you’re at 59cpu min, you’re just about to get notice form dreamhost that you’re exceding your allowance.

You might try setting wordpress to have statis pages, so it’s jus feeding out pre-bulit php pages. I suspect you can find tutorials on how to do this over at the wordpress site.

As far as phpbb goes, I know that can be very resource intensive if the forum gets popular. 4 member isn’t exaclty popular though. You might check out punbb if you’re looking for a lighter app though.


How does one check cpu usage?

From the WIKI:

First, you’ll need to verify that you have CPU Reporting enabled for your user. This can be done from the ‘Users’->‘Manage Users’ section of the web panel by clicking ‘edit’ for the user in question:


You should be able to access your reports within a day after being enabled by FTP’ing or SSH’ing to your account and switching to the logs/resources/ directory. In there, you’ll find files named .sa.analyzed.0, .sa.analyzed.1, .sa.analyzed.2. Your username will replace . These files are generated by a script that looks at how many minutes your scripts use, then rotates them every day. So the latest file from yesterday will be the .0 file, and the day before will be .1 and so on.

You can also view and download these stats files through the stats url of any of your domains (E.G. http://yourdomain.com/stats/resources )

I installed WP-Cache and voila, back down to under 29 minutes of CPU utilization per day. Guess that solves that! LOL.