Wp multiuser

Hi freinds!
Is it possible to DH to install for me a wordpress-mµ site or just another multiuser bloghost system (like plog)?

Thinks a lot for your answers…

ps: sorry for my ridiculous english (i m from france)

In your control panel, go to Goodies==>One-Click Installs and you can install wordpress and a few other things from there.

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Oui tu peux le faire sans problème avec le system d’installation en un click.
Il faut juste préciser le répertoire, le login, et le mot de pass.

Tu peut aussi mettre a jour en un click désormais.

In english : yes you can with just specify folder, login and password.
You can now also upgrade in 1-click.

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Just to correct everyone else who posted here, Dreamhost does not have an automated installer for Wordpress-MU. Regular Wordpress, yes, but not what you’re asking for.

Because you mentioned WP-MU and Plog, I’m assuming that by “multi-user bloghost system” you actually mean “multi-blog”. If you don’t mind commercial software, I’ve run Movable Type here just fine in the past. I’d assume WP-MU and most anything else will work as well, provided the basic requirements are met (PHP/MySQL/whatever).

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