Wp-member and dreamhost problem

First off, I’m a tech novice, so if you can help me, please explain it like you’re explaining it to a 6 year old.

I’m installing wp-member on my Wordpress site hosted on Dreamhost. I keep getting this error when I try to activate the plugin - requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_lin_5.2.so to be installed by the site administrator

I know it has something to do with php.ini and ioncube, but I have no idea what any of that is or what to do to fix it.

Can anyone help me?

I’m using fireFTP


I will be forever grateful to anyone that can help.

Do I need to install this? http://sxi.sabrextreme.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2

That link is for the PHP.INI auto-installer.

The ionCube auto-installer is here: http://sxi.sabrextreme.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3

However, please note that andrewf (a DH programmer and administrator of this board) has indicated that the preference is for users to upgrade their domains to the newer PHP 5.3 from within their Panel. If you require some help send me a PM here or create a ticket at the above site.