I am trying to configure WP_Mailman to my mailman list on DH but it’s not working. As I am troubleshooting, I see that it only works if mailman runs on the same host as Wordpress.

If this the case that it does this or is WP_Mailman useless on DH?


The latter. All our mailing lists are run off of four or so Mailman servers, separate from everything else.

Thanks… so, is there another workaround I could do so that I had a GUI in my WP that allowed users to sign up for my Mailman account?

I believe that Mailman lets you create your own HTML form for subscriptions. You can create a Page in WordPress using the HTML editor. Here’s an entry from their wiki:

I thought that buried somewhere in the Mailman installation it had instructions for this.

Thanks Scott, it may have it buried somewhere and I’ll go look for it. I did sites way back in the phpNuke days, but I’ve only recently come back to this in Wordpress. Part of my brain’s frustration is reading some of the readme’s and having the Alzheimer-ish, geriatric, “I used to understand what that meant…” thought. Thanks for your help as I sweep the cobwebs out of my head.

Forget the “buried” part. I was thinking of the Announcement List here. Hopefully that wiki.list.org entry works.

Thanks again Scott. I’m digging, reading, scratching, stretching, squinting and reading some more. I wish there was a way that WP or some CMS would interface directly with Mailman through an API or something so that I could simply use Mailman directly from my site rather than dealing with the oldschool interface MM provides. That’s really what I’m trying to figure out. WP_Mailman says that it will do it, but it also says that the MM installation has to sit on the same host. I’m lost from there.

Mailman also supports email requests, so you’d be able to add a mailto: link so they can subscribe:
<a href="mailto:LISTNAME-join@DOMAIN”>Subscribe