WP Installed but cant access site (Error 324)

I bought a domain name on namecheap.com yesterday (Tues 2/5/13) and today I bought a DreamHost hosting service, specifically for wordpress.

I went through the Wordpress 1 click install, and it said the software was already downloaded.

I got a welcome email from Dreamhost telling me:


  1. Please create an admin user at:


  1. Afterwards, if you’re switching from a different blog system,
    go to the import area of WordPress admin:


  1. We recommend you read the readme file too, but don’t worry about
    the section for installation – you’ve already done that:


  1. Once everything’s set up, you go here to manage/post to your blog:


Well, when I go to any of those links I get the following error message from Chrome:

“No date received. Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.”

I tried to access the site in Safari, no luck there either. The page just didnt load.

If I go to www.corwellfinehomes.com, I just get a parked domain.

Please help!

It looks like you bought the domain elsewhere (like you mentioned), and you haven’t pointed it to DreamHost’s servers yet. You’ll need to go into the domain management panel at Namecheap and change the nameservers to DreamHost’s:

[list][] ns1.dreamhost.com
] ns2.dreamhost.com
[*] ns3.dreamhost.com[/list]

For details on how to make this change, see Namecheap’s documentation.

Easy enough! Thanks. Now its just the waiting game for it to update.