WP Install - Cannot create admin user or access any page

Hi all, new here and trying to get a site up.

I did a one click install of word press and got the “success installing word press to your site” email that said to:

“1. Please create an admin user at:

When I click the link I just get “This page can’t be displayed” and the same happens with the /readme and /import urls in the email as well, so I am not able to do anything.

Am I missing something, or is this a broken install, or DNS error or something?

Update: tried from my cell phone and it worked, I’m guessing my firewall or internet settings is preventing me from accessing on this computer for some reason.

It’s possible that the DNS for your new domain isn’t caught up yet on your home DNS.

I’m guessing you were just waituing for DNS, probably not your firewall. Just give it time and it will work.